About What to do in Buenos Aires

What to do in Buenos Aires is a site about a city I love, Buenos Aires.   And since Buenos Aires has become kind of “hip” in the last years, I want to share my local insights for visitors around the world to enjoy the best of Buenos Aires, those right places and experiences that make a holiday memorable.

I want to help visitors of What to do in Buenos Aires to avoid tourist traps and scams, explore a bit off-the-beaten-path and get to know the true and authentic Buenos Aires. If you read this page and have been to those fake tango shows, fake gauchos day trip and only been to pricey tourist trap parrillas (steakhouses) in Puerto Madero you know what I refer to.  My aim is to help visitors get the essence of the city, to help them understand the local culture and to enjoy the Buenos Aires authentic spots.

Roberto Lopez Viajes

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