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El Cuartito, traditional pizza in Buenos Aires

El Cuartito is one the top places for traditional Buenos Aires pizza and maybe the only located in Barrio Norte (as the traditional pizzerias are concentrated at the Theater district along the Corrientes Avenue).

Founded in 1934 by Mr. López, a sports enthusiast, El Cuartito rapidly became a gallery to exhibit sports memorabilia of great value: from Argentine football team shirts to autographed  posters of famous world box championships.  Many argentine presidents have eaten at El Cuartito, as well as almost all sport stars of the past 5 decades.

The Napolitana and the fugazzeta are the best options of El Cuartito.  Empanadas are also very good.  Have them with large (650 cm3) Quilmes bottle of beer.

El Cuartito is located at Talcahuano 937, between Marcelo T. de Alvear and Paraguay, in Barrio Norte.  Opens daily from noon to 4pm, and from 8pm to late in the evening/morning. El Cuartito is a cash only place.