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Rondinella, traditional Buenos Aires food

Cantina Rondinella is one of the traditional cantinas and bodegones in Buenos Aires to taste Buenos Aires authentic food, the one that dominated the Buenos restaurant scene before the arrival of the sophistication of the 90’s and the world tourists discovery in the early 2000’s.

Rondinella is cantina by the book: an endless menu, extremely professional waiters in their late 50s, traditional wine list, no focus on decoration (to say the least), enormous rations, and no-nonse with prices.

Almost everything is good at Rondinella, but this cantina is especially known for their home made pastas, offered with more than 12 sauces.  Try vermicelli, fussili, ravioli or (my favorites) capeletti.   If you will keep on walking for a while and have no stranger to kiss do not miss the Chivito a la Provenzal, a quarter kid roasted with garlic and parsley.

Rondinella is located in Palermo Hollywood, and is one of the favorite spots of the people (producers and talent) working in Channel 9 (across the street), Endemol and other of the many tv production companies in the area.  Over the weekend it becomes a retreat of local families and old couples that have been sitting at the same table for 30 years.  Try to avoid weekends as it may get to crowded.

Do not expect a fancy place, cantinas are aimed for great food at the best value for money. The decoration (or the lack of it) dates back to the late 80s.

Cantina Rondinella address: Avenida Alvarez Thomas 12 (between Dorrego and Concepción Arenal), across the street from the Mercado de Pulgas (Dorrego flea market).  Phone: 4775-6216. It used to close on Tuesday, so check it out before you go.  They take all credit cards (something not so common with the cantinas).

Roberto Lopez Viajes